VBCB series Side plate electric vibrators

VBCB series electric vibrators is the company's independent development of new products, various types of vibration is common mechanical excitation source. Compared with ordinary vibration motor, eliminating the vibration of the complex electrical machinery floor structure, and installed directly on the vibration machine on the sides to reduce the weight of mechanical vibration, reduce the stiffness of the body, while reducing the energy consumption of machinery vibration. Installation and maintenance convenience and long life (up to 10,000 hours). It widely used in electricity, building materials, coal, chemical, mining, metallurgical, chemical, light industry, casting and other industries.


Performance & General features

Power supply:Three-phase 380V, 50Hz /60Hz  accept customization

Polarity:2, 4, 6 and 8 standard poles

Functioning:Continuous Duty: S1

Centrifugal force: 1KN-200KN

Range of output:100W-15KW


Insulation class:Class B,Class F

Level of protection:IP 54,IP55

Electric motor:Three-phase asynchronous motor



Electric vibrators is the universal vibrating source for various electric vibrating machines, such as vibrating feeder, vibrating conveyer, vibrating ore drawing machine, vibrating shake-out machine, vibrating screen classifier, hopper wall vibrator of the storage hopper, vibrating platform, etc.


Working conditions

Environmental temperature: Less than 40

Altitude: No more than 1000 meters

Install method: horizontal direction



1, the installation of a reasonable way to reduce the overall weight of the vibration machine.
2, vibration mechanical design simplifies the process so that the structure more reasonable.
3, because of the steady use of a rotary vibration, low noise.
4, simply adjust the angle between eccentric block, you can not exciting force level adjustments.

5, and more units of various forms of vibration, to meet various operational requirements.
6, to reduce the transmission among agencies, can greatly reduce vibration of the mechanical energy consumption, saving electricity.         
7, installation and maintenance convenience, the use of reliable long life.

Technical Data