VBB series Explosion-proof electric vibrators

VBB series flameproof electric vibrators can be dangerous in a different environment in the safe operation of the explosion. Motor shell level of security for IP55, insulation levels for the F-class, apply to the coal mine fixed equipment and factories Category IIB T4 group flammable gas or vapor form with the explosive mixture of air venue, provided the impetus for use. The aircraft in the exciting force within the framework of regulation can be no steps exciting force's size. The best-selling products, exported to Europe and Asia in the Middle East.

The series motor used advanced technology design, use of quality materials, with beautiful appearance, advanced, maintenance-friendly, reliable operation of the advantages. Is powdery, granular, massive material mechanized transportation, feeding, crushing, screening, filling, tap, modeling, with sand, silos and other anti-blocking machine vibration excitation source. The aircraft variety, complete specifications and can meet various types of vibration machines work requirements


Performance & General features

Power supply:Three-phase 380V/660V, 50Hz /60Hz  accept customization

Polarity:2, 4, 6 and 8 standard poles

Functioning:Continuous Duty: S1

Centrifugal force: 1KN-200KN


Range of output:100W-15KW

Insulation class:Class F

Level of protection:IP55

Electric motor:Three-phase asynchronous motor



Electric vibrators is the universal vibrating source for various electric vibrating machines, such as vibrating feeder, vibrating conveyer, vibrating ore drawing machine, vibrating shake-out machine, vibrating screen classifier, hopper wall vibrator of the storage hopper, vibrating platform, etc.


Working conditions

Environmental temperature: Less than 40

Altitude: No more than 1000 meters

Install method: Any direction

Technical Data