FZC series vibrating mine discharging machine

FZC series of vibration to a mining machine vibration to the electrical excitation source for the top-of inertial vibration to mine equipment, widely applied in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and coal mining. Ores and other materials is the release, feeding or loading of the ideal equipment.

Vibration from mining and other forms of machine to machine than mine have the following advantages:
1. Energy saving, high efficiency to mine, a mine uniform and easy to control;
2. Simple equipment manufacturers, the installation of a small amount of lower cost;
3. Vibration due to the reduction of the hanging humps, cards mine;
4. Can effectively prevent the water content of the ore mine run;
5. Application of a wide range of adaptability.
Mine machine vibration to the environmental conditions of the following:
1. Ambient temperature of not more than +40 ℃;
2. The relative humidity of not more than 90 percent;
3. Can be used for very dusty and Taiwan on the volume of ore containing greater volatility of occasions.

 Technical Data