VBA series vibrating hopper

Use and features
VBA series vibration hopper is the Company's development and production of a new type of vibration feeding equipment, installed in various silos bottom, so that material activated by vibration, can effectively eliminate the arch camber materials, plug and stick positions phenomenon, expected to resolve Wharf nesting difficult problem. This series hopper small size, light weight, the new structure, running a smooth, easy-to-install, repair convenient, reliable work. Widely used chemicals, building materials, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, food and food processing, feed processing, environmental protection, ceramic and other industries. VBA-3-(VBA-1 modified) vibration hopper suited to dry, and no sticky powder, small bulk materials. Elected by VBA1202, VBA1203 above hopper, and the storing capacity greater than 50 m3, should be matching the corresponding decompression cone, so as to avoid too great a pressure position hopper impact the normal operation.

Technical data