Corporate Profile

Company profile
Wuhan H&Z Trade Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of industrial vibrators with over 20 years of experience in china. We supply various range of electric vibrators, vibrating feeder, vibrating conveyor, vibrating screen , vibrating hopper, etc. Our vibrator motors have through the CE certification and exported to Europe, America and Africa.The technical data and mounting dimension can be customized according to clients' specific requirements.

electric vibrators: VB series electric vibrators, VBH series frequent starter electric vibrators, VBL vertical electric vibrators, VBB series flameproof electric vibrators, VLB series outdoor flameproof electric vibrators, VBCB side plate electric vibrators, VLBL long pole electric vibrators.
industrial vibrators: GZG series feeder, TZS series linear dewatering screen, GZT series bar feeder, FZC series vibrating mine discharging machine, Port wharf unloading series feeder, SZC series channel type vibrating conveyor, VBA series vibrating hopper, YA series round vibrating screen, ZZS series linear vibrating screen

Factory History
Build factories in 1968, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department identified as the sentinel production of small and medium-sized professional motor manufacturers.

1973 production JO2 series motor, while supporting the production of turbine and generator.

1983 Series elimination JO2 motors, motor production Y Series.

In 1984 to develop and produce VA, VB Series vibration motor.

In 1992 to develop and produce mechanical vibration.

VBB 1996 to develop and produce series flameproof vibration motor.

VBH 1997 to develop and produce series of frequent starter motor vibration.

VBL in 1999 to develop and produce series of vertical vibration motor.

In 2001 to develop and produce flameproof outdoor VLB-vibration motor.

Our philosophy is to use the best products and back them with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.Our products are designed for standard applications and are ready to go to work for you now. What's more, we enjoy working with our clients on new and different material flow solutions, as those needs arise.