Xuefeng you/CEO

Comrades Xuefeng you, male, 42 years old, college educated, machinery manufacturing professional, a professor senior engineer, enjoy special government allowances. The incumbent chairman and managing director, chief engineer. In their work to be creative and to propose and implement the "scientific and technological innovation, science and technology plant." Hosted and participated in the development of the ZZS series of linear shaker, VA series vibration motor, personal scientific and technological progress in Hubei Province were the second prize, third place. Hosted and participated in the development of VB, VBB, VLB series vibration motor in a leading domestic level. At the same time, and participate in the development of the YA, GZG, VBA, SZG, FZC, CZQ, Q, such as a series of mechanical vibration. Development of new products on the market for tens of millions of dollars from a corporate benefits. Access to "the Hubei Provincial Government special allowance", "Hubei Provincial Youth Science and Technology business elite," "Tu Jishou Hubei new long march", Jingsha City, "the international advanced level academic and technical lead" and "outstanding young entrepreneurs in Jingmen City," ... .... Such as honor and title.