● cooperation

A mode of investment and cooperation in the Company's existing production sites and equipment on the basis of additional investment by the partners, shares or holding, in accordance with the joint-stock operation, the two sides in accordance with the ratio of capital ownership of the company to exercise the right to manage and access to income.
The mode of investment in building production bases partners into the appropriate funds to improve the company's production conditions and testing means and the addition of liquidity. To take equity dividends or countertrade the way to recovery of investment and earn revenue.
The introduction of three motor vibration mode of vibration equipment and advanced manufacturing technologies and products from partners and the introduction of vibration motor vibration equipment advanced manufacturing technologies and products, by mutual consultation, assessment, the price could be in the form of equity participation of intangible assets, and equity ratio of dividends, Can be conducted according to the compensation trade cooperation.
Mode 4 vibration motor sales agent partners in their country and the region into a sales agent of the Company, the Company's partners to provide specified price of products, sales profits of agents, agents in accordance with international practices of the Company to pay Loans. Or agents of the Company to the investment, according to the proportion of capital to participate in the company's profit dividends.
OEM sales model of the Company by the vibration motor partners to provide technical paper products and production requirements, and its products to partners of the name, trademark Fanxiao partners.
6 financing model
The two sides recognized the pattern of all seven cooperation
● contents of cooperation

Vibration motor production, development, the development and market development.
● main products
The company is producing various types of vibration motor, vibration machinery, transport machinery of professional manufacturers. The main production "--" card VA, VB Series vibration motor, VBH series of frequent starter motor vibration, VBL vertical vibration motor, VBB series flameproof vibration motor, VLB series of outdoor flameproof vibration motor. In addition, production VBA series vibration hopper, ZZS series shaker, YA series of round-screen, GZG vibration feeder series, SZC series vibration conveyor, FZC series drawing machine, ZCSJ series of vertical vibration conveyor supporting electrical machinery and vibration Equipment, a total of 17 series over 600 specifications of products, widely applied in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, electricity, coal, mining, food, light industry and other industries.

★ China's accession to the WTO, whoever enter the Chinese market, the most advanced seize the favorable opportunities.
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